Does PPC Cannibalize Your SEO or Vice Versa?

Excerpts from my latest article at Practical eCommerce: “SEO and PPC: Synergistic or Cannibalistic?

Many ecommerce managers wonder whether the paid search ads they place enhance or cannibalize the organic search results. They wonder, in other words, if they end up paying for clicks they could have had for free organically. A recent study by Google suggests that the relationship between paid and organic search is more synergistic than cannibalistic.

Top organic rankings in the major search engines can be construed by consumers as endorsements of those top-ranked sites. If Google ranks a site number one it must be the best site, right? Ecommerce sites in the trenches know that’s not always the case. We’ve written about ways to increase search result visibility with rich snippets in “Capture More Search Traffic with Rich Snippets,” but there are other ways as well. Google’s latest findings on paid and organic search results suggest that paid and organic listings are mutually beneficial.

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Ask Sponsored Listings –> Now Sendori


First IAC’s acquired Sendori in 2009, and now Ask Sponsored Listings has been merged with Sendori. This comes from the Ask account rep team:

Ask Sponsored Listings is now Sendori!
Ask Sponsored Listings has merged with Sendori, Inc., an operating
business of IAC.
Sendori is an innovator in web navigation with a rapidly growing global audience. Sendori delivers web sites faster and eliminates security threats associated with mistyped domains. The largest ISPs on the internet have partnered with Sendori to provide better web navigation services for their subscribers. As the only operator of a Direct Navigation Search Exchange, Sendori provides advertisers with access to 12 million monthly US visitors and 14 million monthly global visitors. Advertisers also benefit from the Sendori VirtualBar technology to deliver offers directly to in-market consumers. To learn more about Sendori, visit
We believe the combined entity will create exciting future opportunities for our clients.
As we launch our new brand and product offering, rest assured our current Sponsored Listings service offering remains the same:

  • Access 30 billion monthly queries from the Sponsored Listings network. Real-time performance optimization with our proprietary PureLeads technology.
  • Your current account will remain intact. All your existing sponsored listings, bids, ad copy and budget will remain active. There are no changes required on your end. Your existing account login credentials will continue to work.
  • Our Ad Center functionality will not change. The only difference you will notice is our new logo and branding treatment.

We are very excited about this launch and will continue to deliver updates as we move through this launch period.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What’s changing at Ask/IAC?
Ask Sponsored Listings is merging with Sendori, Inc. and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC. will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC.

2. Why are you separating from
Our Sendori Direct Navigation Exchange represents an entirely new product offering, centered around Direct Navigation. This unique exchange is not a search results product, displayed on a traditional SERP.

3. What’s happening to the existing sponsored listings network?
The sponsored listings network will remain in place. Your account (ads, keywords, CPCs, etc.) will remain active. Our extensive network will continue to operate, providing distribution throughout select IAC-owned search sites and our publisher network. The only change to our network, other than its new name Sendori Sponsored Listings network is the sunsetting of traffic. The amount of search traffic in our network has been declining following the re-launch of Q&A services last year.

4. Are you getting out of the sponsored listings business?
No, our sponsored listings product continues to be an important asset to the Sendori product line. We will continue to invest in our sponsored listings technology.

5. What will happen to my existing Ask Sponsored Listings campaigns?
Your existing account and campaign setup will not change. Your currently active insertion order will remain in place. There is no need to sign a new insertion order.

6. What will happen to the Ask Sponsored Listings AdCenter?
The ASL AdCenter will be rebranded with our new Sendori brand treatment, but all functionality will remain the same. Your existing account login credentials will continue to work. All ad serving and reporting functionality will remain the same.

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