Competitive Research, the Web Piecat Way [LOLcat SEO]

Cricket the Web Piecat spying on the competitionCricket, the most neurotic of the Web Piecats, is not hiding. No, she’s spying, and was none too pleased that I was jeopardizing her cover. I tried to tell her that there are much more effective ways to conduct competitive research for organic search, but she wanted to do it her way.

Here are a couple of effective and free ways to spy on your competitors’ SEO tactics, all of which work much better than hiding under paper packing paper:

  • How about looking at their site for starters, silly kitty. What keywords are they targeting in the title tags and navigation?
  • Crawl their site to collect all the title tags and linking patterns quickly. See 8 SEO Reasons to Crawl Your Sites for more on using crawlers for SEO.
  • Check out to see what terms they’re bidding on and winning in paid and organic search.
  • Scope their link portfolio with tools like Link Diagnosis or Open Site Explorer.

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