Even My Cats Chase the Long Tail

Web Piecats Mittens and Scooter practice their long tail skills.


The long tail “refers to the statistical property that a larger share of population rests within the tail of a probability distribution than observed under a “normal” or Gaussian distribution,” according to Wikipedia. Mittens thought that definition was completely incomprehensible. I believe his exact response was “Whaaaaat?”


Basically, the long tail of search refers to the concept that a very few very large keyword phrases (the head) will each drive a very large amount of traffic, while a very large number of phrases will each drive a very small amount of traffic (the tail). When a site is optimized for the long tail, the total volume of search traffic driven by those many phrases that each drive a couple of visits a month (the long tail) can be larger than the volume of traffic driven by the few big trophy terms that each drive high volumes of traffic (the head).


While it’s likely Mittens understood my explanation about the long tail, the only long tail he cared about was on his mousie. And Scooter had long since gotten bored and left to take a nap.

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