Drive More Business While Decreasing Your Advertising Costs

If you are like most businesses, you would love to drive even more business through your doors. You’d also love to decrease your advertising expense. The idea of doing both of these at the same time sounds a bit more than just “too good to be true.” Over the next few minutes, you’ll learn how it is true and how you can do it.

The first step is that you need to have a website. If there is any requirements, that would be it. If you don’t have a website, then you should make that a top priority and have that addressed as soon as possible. Not doing so is like running your business with a big “CLOSED” sign on the front door. We’re not even talking about the quality of your website, just having one. Continue reading “Drive More Business While Decreasing Your Advertising Costs”

You Don’t Need A New Website

Okay, this may sound a bit surprising, but it’s true. Contrary to what you might initially be thinking, you may not need a new website. Your current website might not be doing it for you any more, but you shouldn’t be too quick to toss it out.

Often when things aren’t working like you had hoped with your business or your website, the first response is to start talking to your designer about a new website. You don’t hop in your car, drive to the dealership and say, “I need a new car,” just because your current car needs a good cleaning. Continue reading “You Don’t Need A New Website”

Web Design – What Is It?

Web design is often the project catchall starting point whether you have a website already or are looking to have your first site developed. But you may not even really be sure exactly what web design is.

Web design is the process of creating a website using various web technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, server-side languages, javascript, Flash, etc. At this point, the differences between any of these are not all that important. Just understand that these are the underlying technologies, along with web graphics, used to create the individual web pages and the various functionalities of those pages.

But web design encompasses much more than just designing web pages. Continue reading “Web Design – What Is It?”


It wouldn’t be a website without at least one made up word. Webvolution is a little exploration of the evolution of the web and may help you figure out where your organization is within that framework.

The web is both new and old. It is very new when we remember that it is a little over a decade old. Yet it is old when you consider that most of us have a hard time remembering when it came into our lives. In many ways, the web has impacted our lives in deeply profound ways.

Take away my phone, my fax, my TV and radio, my magazines and newspapers, my car… just leave me my connection to the web. So powerful is this medium that it can replace almost everything else in our lives. So pervasive and powerful, we can’t imagine how we ever functioned without it. It has changed everyday life for individuals and businesses, and this is just the beginning. Continue reading “Webvolution”