2 Replies to “Meta Keywords?! Face Palm [Web Piecat]”

  1. They do not have a negative impact also. Used in the right way some engines will use them and overall they can add to the relevancy of a page.

    Now quote me something from Matt Cutts!

    1. Actually, according to Bing, if abused they can have a negative impact. “Abusing meta keywords can hurt you.” And yes, as of last week Bing does admit meta keywords are one of thousands of signals. Am I going to recommend optimizing them just for Binghoo? Not unless it’s easy (as in you have a small site) or a CMS that makes it scalable to create unique and relevant meta keywords for every page. Otherwise, nope.

      And here’s your quote from Matt Cutts, though I’m sure I detected sarcasm in your request:
      Google does not use the keywords meta tag in our web search.” It comes complete with a webmaster video. Enjoy.

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