SEO When a Redesign Stands in Your Way

Excerpts from my latest article at Practical eCommerce: “SEO: Working Around a Redesign.”

When a redesign or platform change looms in your site’s future, it’s easy to turn off all search-engine-optimization work and focus on planning the new site. After all, why bother making changes that will just be overwritten when you launch the new site? Focusing on a few key areas will enable you to continue improving SEO without fear of wasted work when the new site goes live.

  • Focus on Stable Areas
  • Target Title Tags
  • Build Links and Shares
  • Build Relationships

A redesign doesn’t have to halt your SEO efforts. Look at the areas of the site that aren’t impacted by the redesign. If there aren’t any areas unaffected, focus on title tags and link or relationship building until the way opens for SEO work again.

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