Server Header Status Infographic: Geeky SEO Joy

Dr. Pete’s infographic on SEOmoz entitled “An SEO’s Guide to HTTP Status Codes” is pure geeky fun, and educational to boot.

As an in-house SEO, I spend a fair amount of time talking about http status codes. Sometimes I think I should just record myself saying, “We’re going to 301 that, right?” But an infographic is way more fun. As soon as I finish this quick post, I’m going to forward it to all my SEO BFFs in DevLand. Thanks, Dr. Pete!

As long as we’re talking geeky server header status visuals, maybe I’ll send my devs my duplicate content decision matrix for a double dose of visual SEO education. And for a dash of humor, perhaps Danny Sullivan’s “Matt Cutts Debunking Flowchart.”

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