Small Business Web Design Audit

Small business web design was the cornerstone for Identity Developments.

Web-standards based, XHTML, CSS-driven, tableless web design, that is. This of course was also a strong foundation for the company name and tagline.

Krupp General Contractors Home Page 2005
Krupp General Contractors Homepage 2005 redesign.

Like many businesses though, the services we offered evolved over time. Web design became a much smaller focus while SEO (search engine optimization) took over as the foundation.

Maybe that will shift back some day, but in the meantime, if you are looking for web design services, we’d be happy to make recommendations for other highly qualified web design agencies that may be able to serve you.

Web Design Review

That said, as SEOs, we have reviewed and audited countless numbers of websites over the years. And in all honesty, we’ve used a fair number of websites as well.

The underlying nature of SEO is that “what’s good for SEO is good for users.”

What we can offer you in the area of web design is a review or audit from a user interface and user experience point of view, better known as UI and UX. This kind of audit is more of an SEO-lite audit… lighter on SEO specifics, heavier on user.

This would be a beneficial exercise if you have an existing site design to identify improvements, if you are building specs for a new design brief (especially if your web designer or developer’s SEO bark is mightier than their SEO bite), or if you’ve already gone through a design or redesign and want to make sure your bases are covered.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our viewpoint… your website should be an active participant in your business and deliver results.

And for what it’s worth, we’re pretty proud of our web design heritage.

Madison Polo Club Homepage 2005.
Madison Polo Club Homepage 2005 redesign.
Releve Homepage.
Relevé Homepage.
Professional Kitchen Homepage
Professional Kitchen Homepage.
Baumgardt Home Inspection Homepage 2006.
Baumgardt Home Inspection Homepage 2006.