Silk Browsers for Everyone, Amazon Wins

Amazon is registering Silk-based domains by the hundreds, possibly indicating the future availability of the day-old Amazon Fire’s browser on more platforms. Of course, the domain registrations could be defensive, but 500 domains is an awful lot for a browser meant to live on a single tablet island. I prefer to think that Amazon’s registration of means that soon I can browse faster on my android phone.

Silk browsers for PCs, Macs and mobile devices would be a good move, Amazon. If you own the browser, you can suggest your services. “What do you want to do? Watch, Listen, Read, Play, Shop?” I’m envisioning a browser toolbar with tabletesque icons for each action that look delicious and seduce you to click. An Amazon browser that makes it easiest to consume Amazon products and media, plus collects all your browsing data to feed the Amazon machine, is a no-brainer.

What does the user get? Faster browsing thanks to Silk’s split processing scheme, using the power of Amazon’s cloud to condense and render pages faster than the device’s processors can alone. Well, on mobile devices anyway. And only for sites hosted in Amazon’s cloud. But still. There’s an interesting proposition there for mobile browsing, where load times over 3G or slower connections can feel like an eternity.

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