Holiday Sales & Scalable SEO

Excerpts from my latest article at NBC 5 Chicago’s Inc. Well blog: “How to Master Scalable SEO for the Holiday Selling Season.”

The biggest selling seasons of the year are upon us, and SEO’s notoriously long lead time means there’s no time to waste.

It’s mid-July now. Analyzing SEO performance and devising a plan of attack starting today would take two to four weeks. Plus implementation time, assuming resources are available. And after the optimization strategies go live, there’s still a roughly 30-day period in which search engines recrawl the site and determine algorithmically if the optimization merits a ranking change.

Fast forward three months and, if everything went according to plan, the site is ready to take the SEO competition by storm.

Manually optimizing pages one-by-one makes sense for the most important pages and valuable keyword phrases. Optimizing sites made up of hundreds or thousands of pages requires more scalable SEO solutions, especially leading up to this crucial selling season….

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