It wouldn’t be a website without at least one made up word. Webvolution is a little exploration of the evolution of the web and may help you figure out where your organization is within that framework.

The web is both new and old. It is very new when we remember that it is a little over a decade old. Yet it is old when you consider that most of us have a hard time remembering when it came into our lives. In many ways, the web has impacted our lives in deeply profound ways.

Take away my phone, my fax, my TV and radio, my magazines and newspapers, my car… just leave me my connection to the web. So powerful is this medium that it can replace almost everything else in our lives. So pervasive and powerful, we can’t imagine how we ever functioned without it. It has changed everyday life for individuals and businesses, and this is just the beginning. Continue reading “Webvolution”