Top 4 SEO Web Testing Tools

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The new release of a website requires all sorts of testing — from security testing to load testing to testing the functionality of transactional elements. But what about search engine optimization testing? Many feature releases and design changes have an impact on SEO performance. That impact can be tested and predicted before the release goes live, as well as confirmed after the release is public.

Communicating the SEO impact of a release before launch can save all sorts of headaches after launch, such as the CEO storming down to your office and demanding to know why he no longer ranks for his favorite phrases. Better yet, predicting a large enough negative SEO impact before the launch may be enough to resolve the issue prelaunch, or even delay the release temporarily depending on competing priorities. In short, roping your SEO into the planning phases of the site’s release cycles can help cut off SEO issues before they make it into the code in the first place.

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