Lamest Comment Spam from an “SEO Company” Ever.

All right, all bloggers get comment spam. You just delete them and don’t really give it a second thought. But when it’s so freakishly blatantly SEO spam and it comes FROM an “SEO company” and it’s left ON an SEO blog, I’ve really got to wonder: How dumb are these guys? Do they really think I’m going to approve their comment and that I won’t resent that they’ve tried to paste their unrelated, poorly written marketing drivel in my comments? This is just another example in a long list of reasons why good SEOs have to work so hard to prove themselves — because any numb-nut can call himself an SEO and claim that his lame tactics are SEO best practices. Yuck.

Here’s the text from The Web Coast, minus the links of course, for your amusement.

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Seriously. Yuck.

I suppose there’s a small chance that a rival of The Web Coast posted this comment to make it look like they were spamming, in the hopes that bloggers would post negative things about them. Looking at their site, the links they included in the comment, and the pages that those links link to, it looks an awful lot like a legitimate and seriously poor attempt at funneling links through various blog and forum posts and profiles, none of which add any value, to get external links eventually pointing back to their primary site. If this is an elaborate smear campaign against an innocent SEO company, I invite The Web Coast to let me know and I’ll gladly recant. I won’t hold my breath.

UPDATE: A comment from Brian R. Brown left on Facebook:

I’d exercise caution in using their services…based on their terms, you might have to pay a restocking fee on any returns: “You will have to pay for all shipping cost along with being SUBJECT TO A 25% RESTOCKING FEE.”

Based on this, the comment spam and a brief look around the site, I’d say Richard Kingston of San Marcos, CA is lucky if he can spell SEO, let alone perform it. Sorry Dick, calling yourself an SEO doesn’t make you one… a spammer is a spammer, regardless of their stripes.

What DOES a keyword restocking fee cost, anyway? A link restocking fee?

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3 Replies to “Lamest Comment Spam from an “SEO Company” Ever.”

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    >>From Jill: Wow, a new low. this spammer commented WITH spam ON a post complaining ABOUT spam. That’s a new one for me. I left the URLs in there all dismembered so you could see the folks engaging in such amazingly brilliant tactics.

  2. Maybe the comment was made by an auto comment software, because that comment is all out of context. It repeats itself every line. This is not good SEO, people are not dumb. He just want to rank higher in San Diego SEO keyword. Made me LOL.

  3. Brilliant, just brilliant. Why not just build a link wheel and be done with it? I don’t get the comment spammers. How can they possibly not know that Google has turned most comment links into a virtual Google juice DMZ? Think about it, if Google is so good at filtering spam from your Gmail account (what SEO doesn’t have one?) then doesn’t it follow (pun) that Google can filter out comment spam just as well? I’ve run numerous tests on nofollow links and, unless you’re getting big time traction in twitter trending or other social media, your comment links amount to nada, zilch, zero.

    “Competitors” like this almost make my job easier when a lead has been exposed to them.

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